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SBI! Traffic TestWhat produces targeted traffic? How you can get free website traffic? What is making some blogs and websites so popular? Why are some blogs checked out by tens of thousands of people every day while others fight to find a dozen of visitors?

Valuable strategies for web site traffic promotion is your way to get hordes of FREE targeted traffic to your blog! The subject of traffic can be complicated. There are a variety of factors to consider, including strategies, tools, processes, etc… can be dissected and the details discussed ad infinitude.

Even if you have obtained high search engine rankings for your blog or website under your most important keywords and or keyword phrases, and even if you have hundreds of visitors per day, web surfers still might not buy any product on your blog or web site.

Then, How to get laser targeted traffic for blog or a website? How to get them to visit your blog again and again, buy your product at any price you set and or follow your recommendation with no question asked? Yes, this is how big guys make money!

Let's start from the beginning. Before even you think to promote your blog you should prepare it to convert visitors into profits and keep them coming back again and again. An effective business blog is all about converting visitors into paying customers.

Here are the secrets in getting a flood of repeat visitors to your blog who'll buy from you over and over again.

Design An  Appealing To The Eyes Blog 

While search engines rankings are important, getting free website traffic and having them leave straight away is a waste of time. Being an online marketer you need to make your website appealing to the viewers so that they will trust you and buy from you.

Don't use bright colors, lot's of graphics, tons of links or anything like that. Keep it simple. Make it easy to navigate and easy to find all your articles on your blog or website.

Also check to make sure all your links are working in your site.

Create Original Content Of Significant Value

Content is king. If you have been in the Internet marketing arena for any period of time you would have heard this saying day in and day out. Every Internet marketing manual has this as it's mantra and rightly so.

Want more web site traffic? Then, you MUST have unique content. It is the lifeblood of blogging. Every other blog is lacking in original content, you have to be different.

Create Content That Gives People A Plan Of Action

If you want to increase website traffic to not only read your blog but follow your words blindly and do your bidding for you. I kid you not; people will fall over themselves to do what you say if you provide with good content that will solve their problems. Then, you just have to tell them what to do. and they will do it.

This is the greatest idea, especially if you are preselling an affiliate program via your blog.

Every post you write should give people an action that could be taken by the reader.

Every idea you give to them should be a tip that be applied immediately.

I'm not sure who I read this from, but I remember reading that the best way to sell a product or an affiliate product, especially in the Internet marketing arena is to give your website's visitors a plan that they can follow and implement straight away and then give them the resources to do that with.

A lot of people write ebooks or articles or blogs that are very informative but don't really presell what they are trying to promote.

Giving people a plan they can follow immediately after reading what you wrote will give them that incentive to buy the recommended product from you instead of another affiliate.

See examples at: Home based business blog, Blog writing tips, Modern Time Management Tip, Business example Plan

Create Timeless Content

If you want your blog to be around for a while and you want readers to come in 5 years time and still find your content relevant to them, you need to make sure the content is timeless, whether they read it in 3 months, 3 years or 30 years.

This not only means you don't have to keep updating your content every 6 months which will save you time, it also helps with other people who you may allow to use your content on their websites. They are sure not going to update your content for you.

I wrote an article 4 years ago that I'm slightly embarrassed with having my name on. It was cutting edge at the time, but now, it's so old it's funny.

Some topics however, will always be timeless. Find those, write on them.

Write For Your Visitors As Your #1 Priority Not Search Engines

While you should be optimizing your posts and your blog for search engines, and I talk about this later, your main focus should be on writing for humans, not robots.

Keep this in mind always. Don't try and repeat your keywords all over your blog posts to the point where it does not make sense.

This might work sometimes as website traffic solution, and you may get free website traffic, but they won't stay long if the content is obviously geared for search engine ranking. People have a short attention span and won't waste it on junk.

Write Like You Are Talking To A Friend

There is nothing worse than reading a blog with no personality. People think that they have to take on this serious, boring person when writing a blog, but you should be having fun with it instead.

People like to read blogs that are talker in nature. People like to read writing that is written at the 7th grade level. People don't want to read large words and hard to read sentences.

People also like it when you talk to them one on one like an old friend. Talk to the reader as if only one person were reading your blog.

Having a unique personality will get you more web traffic from people telling people about your site then any "traffic building" technique.

I’m not good at this. As English is not my mother language it is hard for me to use slang or jokes. But, I have thousands of readers. It seems that they like my original content. I love helping people. I love giving the best of the best.

Be True To Yourself And You Will Never Worry About Money Or People Again

A lot of people just starting out, especially in the affiliate marketing game write blogs to earn google adsense commission or to make money online with affiliate program, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What you want to avoid is promoting affiliate programs just because they pay out larger commissions even though the products might not be of the highest quality. Never promote a product you have never bought or tried yourself. You have to like and really want to tell other people about it.

Make Sure You Post Regularly But Not Overly So

You have to blog regularly to keep search engines interested, ping sites interested and even more importantly, people interested. If you don't post regularly all of the above will still coming back as frequently and will lose interest in your site.

Don’t post just because you have to post to keep traffic flowing. Make postings only when you have something to say and you are thrilled about. Write about subjects that will help or solve your readers’ problems.

At my experience, you should post at least once a week, at the very least. Two to three times would be better. But make sure you don't post every day all day. This makes your site to search engines look like a spam blog.

Also make sure you split your post times up. Some weeks post on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, other weeks post on the other days.

Write Posts That Are Very Topical For The Times

One of the best ways to get a sudden burst of traffic is to write about something that is hot right now or in the news. This is a great way to get a sudden burst of really interested traffic.

You can find out what’s hot now by watching the news or use online services like Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz or Ebay Pulse or any other service you are familiar with.

Don’t make posts about any hot topic out there. Write articles about what is hot in your Internet marketing niche area.

Become An Expert In A Small Niche Market

One the best ways to get more web site traffic to your blog is to become a big fish in a small pond. When you corner the market in any niche, you become an expert and a traffic gathering machine.

Becoming an expert in the field is not that hard. Just post lots of really informative blogs, setup an opt-in list newsletter, maybe write a few ebooks.

It is so much easier to become an expert in a niche within a niche. Trying to be an expert in a big field full of experts already is hard work.

Internet marketing is a niche, creating landing pages is a niche within the niche. Become the expert in the niche within the niche and see your and see increased on line traffic.

Great Examples Of Highly Successful Blogs

You can learn a lot from really great blogs, the problem is, truly finding a great blog to replicate. One of the best blogs around is at

He actually wrote a post about how he makes money from his blogs. He even shows you how much money and how to get traffic to your blog.

His blog is the perfect example of timeless, quality, original content that gives people a plan to use and his personality shines through.

Follow the above tips and I guarantee you will convert a good percentage of your visitors to customers without maximizing your traffic.

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