How To Attract Targeted Traffic To Your Home Based Business Blog

SBI! ResultsThere are numerous ways to make your work at home blog one of the most visited blogs online. Usually, those companies that have the largest star-power have had the most popular blogs, since everyone loves to read about celebrity or success. However, a great many smaller companies and home based business are developing large followings on the web. You can, too, if you follow these guidelines.

Write Keyword Rich Content Weblog For Effective Search Engines Optimization.

Many times bloggers will wonder why their blogs get very little or no targeted traffic at all! By performing key phrases research, you can find what keywords or key phrases your targeted market are taping in or searching for.
Finding and using the right key phrases through out your content is essential to reach your audience. Some great tools for keywords research include Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool - WordTracker and

Steps to take:
  • Developed a set of keyword and key phrases .Write and publish quality content using those key phrases throughout your content. Do not over do this as you may be penalized for keyword spamming. As you write your blog entries, do try to use not only keywords having to do with your topic, but also synonyms for your keywords. This will help your readers find you more easily on the Internet. For example, if you offer discount fashions, use a variety of keywords, such as, fast cars, cool cars, if you are in sports cars niche.
  • Use the keywords in the headline -Use the keywords in the heading tags. If you have a blog about dogs and you just write a post about dog food, your possible tags would be, say: dog food, dogs, natural dog food, dog, etc.
  • Specialize - The best method to take advantage of the search engine optimization of blogs is to narrow your focus. Find a market segment or niche where you can be king of the hill. Write with one topic in mind. It will help make certain that people looking for information on your topic will always find you through a search engine.

Join Blogging Community

Make sure that you promote your blog by joining the blogging community or social networking site.Creating a larger presence for your blog online will result in more blog readers and possibly, more customers:

  • Add the address for your blog to email signatures and include mention in any ezine or email newsletter you have to let readers know about your blog.
  • Mention your blog on appropriate forums. For example, if your home based business offers resume writing services, consider writing about your blog in job-hunt forums.
  • Allow readers to make comments or provide feedback. Many online blog publishing programs already allow this. If your readers can post their comments and read the comments of other readers, they are more likely to come back to your home based business blog regularly. This will keep your home based business name in mind and in reach.
  • Make your blog searchable through your interests. Many blog programs allow you to create a user profile, which allows readers to search for you and your blog by interest area and locations, in many cases. Do not overlook this simple technique to attract readers. Simply fill out your profile, taking care to use many “interests” to attract more readers and customers.

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