How to Create Residual Income Business

Make Your Content PREsell

I'm a real person offering real advice on how you can really create residual income business working from home and make a good living.

What I'm sharing with you is what I'm using to make around $4000 dollars every month most of it is residual income. 

So, pay attention and learn how to build your affiliate home business to start making money working from the comfort of your home chair.

I’m talking about creating a honest, legitimate and credible, 
business offering valuable products and services. 

No one wants to invest money, time and energy into something that will not work or "scams" someone else. 

Beware of programs that seems to be too sweet to true. Be honest, help others to solve problems they are facing and will gain their trust.

You will not get rich quick. To create residual income business and make a small fortune is simple but it's not easy.

True passive income is a long-term, thought provoking process. You need to work hard to establish your customers’ base and create an automatic marketing system. 

When everything is set up, it will begin working 24/7 and making you money even when you are asleep. This is the ultimate goal for anyone wanting to create residual income business to live the lifestyle one chooses.

Why Most of Affiliates Fail in Creating Residual Income Business?

99% of affiliates fail just because they start on step 5 without ever knowing what steps 1 through 4 are. After few weeks they give up with bitterness and there’s ONE easy answer to why they fail… 

You can't build a house from the roof down. Period!

To be successful creating residual income business, you need to treat your affiliate marketing business as a real business. You need to start from step one. 

Don’t rush it, you are building a business! Believe me, if you rush it you will waste your time and money and you will restart again from the beginning. This, if you don't give up.

If you are a green newbie I urge you to take your time to learn the ins and outs of starting Internet home based business. Click here to begin for FREE!

If you have already a website or blog, and you are wondering why you are not making money keep on reading…

Nothing will happen without a scientifically based methodology and action. You cannot just create your web site and or blog, place it on the Internet and sit back. 

Nothing will happen… ever…. Too many bloggers and webmasters think that all what have to do is stick some affiliate banners and links here and there and he money will start rolling in. You can stay all your life and nothing will happen.

Only by using the following strategy you will achieve the very same results just like super affiliates.

How to Create Residual Income Business That Attract Visitors Like a Magnet.

Let's start by defining the residual or passive income..

Residual income, passive income or recurring income is the revenue you gain by investing in saving and investment programs or by a work that you do it one time and continue to get paid for the work months or years to come.

In affiliate programs, if you refer one buyer to the program you are affiliated with and this one buy something from the program, you keep get commission as long as the buyer keeps paying to use their service or product.

Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain more from Wikipedia

So, how to create a residual income business that keeps paying you month after month and year after year. 

But first you need to know what your typical strategy is and how to apply this strategy is in order to notify the best path toward success.

Your typical strategy is T M.... What stands for...

Content  Traffic  Preselling  Monetization 

Here is how to apply it....

1- Give The Web Users What They Want

There's a reason why people surf the web. Understanding this is your main key to achieve your goal.

The reason people surf the web is... they are searching for information, they want to know about other people customs and traditions, they want to learn how to take cadre about and old man, may be they want to know how use an Iphone, How to rise a kid, how to cook, etc....

They look for solutions... They want to learn how to make extra money to pay their bills, they are looking for a JOB, How to create a business from home, how to fix a car, how to use Facebook, etc...

If you are an expert in anything, if you have solved a problem of any king web searchers want to learn and know how to deal with any problem that arose, any type of disorder, etc...

They seek what you know. So, give them what they want. Convert your skills, your hobby, your expertise, etc... into Content. You can create articles, videos, ebooks, or even pics and let the web searchers know about it. 

2 - How to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

Search engines (ex.Google, Bing, Yahoo) are in business like you and me. They want to make money. They index your blog/website for one reason... and this reason is...fulfilling their potential wants and needs. Their potential customers are the web surfers. 

If someone searches the web using a specific keyword phrase the used search engine shows results according to the keyword relevancy in hope one of these surfers buy a product or click an ad.

They want to give them the best of the best. 

Quality content and relevant keywords play a major role for the search ranking. Even multimedia websites use ways to rank content. If your website have quality content then it will get rank. When your blog rank high, web surfers and multi media users will click to go to your blog in hope to find what they are looking for; and that is all what we want for no....

Attracting free targeted Traffic.

 3 -  How to Make Your Content Presell

Once you get visitors to your website your content will do the rest... what is Presselling.

The concept of pre-selling is really an art of building anticipation. It will build credibility with your audience and drive your conversion rates through the roof.
In another word preselling is selling yourself to the customer before you sell your product. When you sell yourself to the customer you gain trust. When your customers trust you and understand that you are there not only for the money but also to help them, they will reward you with their loyalty.

Effective Preselling is all about attracting your target visitors with your valuable and relevant content and recommending your affiliate program website after they have begun to develop trust in you.

This will help to send visitors to your affiliate program website in a warm, open-to-buy frame of mind. Your task or in other word your content task is to get visitors to click through your affiliate link.

It's important to understand the big picture before you invest your hard earned money and waste your time. To learn more click here

4 - How to Make Money From Your Content

So, what for now.... we want money... we want to convert warm, presold visitors into revenue which is residual income. This what we call Monetization and it is the EASY part. The monetization step cannot happen if you fail to first three steps. This is where 99% of home businesses fail short!

The first three steps are the motor that drive the monetization step. The monetization step is the duty of your affiliate website. For that reason YOU must select your affiliate program wisely. 

Before applying to any program or product to promote make sure that...

- The product or service is in demand. (Hot)

- The company or the owner is trusty. (Credible)

- The website conversion is high. (A least 4% the higher the better )

- What payment systems they use (If they use the payment way that want)

- Find out if the company or the business offer residual income to their affiliates. (At least second tiers income)

- How much you will make for every sale from your affiliate link (The %, this depend of the nature of the product)

In general the % of residual income is small. But you need to think about it. It's a life time income!


Once you have your own Presold traffic, you are in control. As you see results, add more related products to diversify your income and create multiple streams of revenue, not just one. Diversify to maximize income, growth and stability. 

All super affiliates understand the importance of pre-selling and harness its power daily to build durability and staying power on the Net. Click here to learn more

If you want to get your residual income business to the next level, subscribe now to get access to the 5 Pillar Club and you will get a wealth of FREE information and tools you can’t find elsewhere. Subscribe now.

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