Top 7 Blog Writing Tips

Blog writing tips

Blog writing is not like others forms of marketing writing. If you want to use your blog to draw customers, you need to create a blog that is casual and interesting without being too sales-oriented or too aggressive in marketing. Interestingly, the company blogs, home business blogs, small business blogs, etc… that do not promote and aggressively push their product or service often generate great benefits as readers enjoy reading the blogs more without obvious pushes to buy.

What Type of Blog Writing To Use!

To make your blog writing sparkle and to make it spark sales, do include blog style writing that readers will enjoy or find useful:
  • Write conversationally - If you want your blog visitors to be trained and remember what you write, say it conversationally, just as you might talk to a friend. Use short sentences, familiar words and contractions when you want to share information, to entertain, to teach or persuade, or tell a story. It’s important to remember that when writing content for your blog, you are writing for your website visitors, and you are not teaching English in a school. So don’t use long words. They are more difficult to read, and fewer people understand their meaning. And don’t use technical or scientific words unless the theme necessitates it.
  • Information about your home business - Including contact information, FAQs about your small business, product manuals and other information makes it easy for readers to find what they need about you, which encourage readers to refer to your blog each time they need to know about your home business career.
  • Business home idea Internet opportunity and home based Internet marketing business background - Listing ideas home business, opportunities and information about what is hot in your field of interest as well as information about the atmosphere of your home business are useful for opportunity hunters. It is also an easy way to get more readers interested in your home business.
  • Value-added content for readers - Providing useful and handy information is one of the best ways to get readers to your blog and to get readers interested in your product. Offer contests, tips, and useful articles, and you are more likely to get a regular group of readers.

Adding Style And Creative Writing blog.

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  • Keep it short - Like other types of online writing, blogging tends to rely on short paragraphs and small pages with links rather than big blocks of text. Also, using the active voice (“We have added a new product to our shop” rather than “A new product has been added to our shop”) is also good for developing a nicer style.
  • Let your logo do the talking - Rather than trying to promote your product or service constantly in your text, try making your text keyword-rich and value-added content promote your product aggressively. Instead, have your business logo clearly displayed on the page and mention the small business as a workplace. Your readers will still know about your business, but without feeling as though they are reading a sales pitch.
  • Stay enthusiastic - Write about what you care about and write with genuine passion. Writing dry copy just because you feel a blog is a useful marketing tool will not get you more readers or more customers.
Writing is a tedious task but rewarding experience. Writing is a skill you can learn, it takes determination and a want to keep on learning due to the sheer volume of information on the subject matter.

Writing also an exciting subject because you can always learn something new that can help you progress step by step in the direction of becoming a famous copywriter. The more you write, the more your writing will improve, the more money you make. 

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