How To Make Money From Blog

How to make money from blog

Blogging has many benefits associated to it including more publicity for your business, more visitors for your Internet home based business website or blog, better public image and more income. 

Yet, these benefits are not easy as many of you think. You must plan wisely and work hard in order to build these advantages in your blog.

Most people are utterly clueless when it comes to creating income from their blogs. They put things together randomly and hope to make money from blog.

Before you even discuss anything related on how to make money from blog, take a moment to set a realistic goal. Let's say your first goal is to earn $200 a month from affiliate marketing and Google AdSense revenue. We keep your first goal too low, because it's very important that you believe you can reach it. 

Reach your first goal, see and feel the money, then increase your goals to whatever you want.

Have you heard the saying “How Do You Eat An Elephant? Answer “One bite at a time”. Well the same holds true here. You have to start, one step at a time. Small steps lead to big results!

Keep Your Blog’s Content Fresh

how to make money bloggingIt is not enough to just write a blog. If you are taking the time to create a money making and powerful blog, and if you want your blog to be a good marketing tool, you need to be serious about creating a blog that sells your products and services I invite you to keep reading..

One good way to keep interest in your blog going, and to keep your blog a powerful marketing tool and not a time-consuming hassle is to keep introducing fresh content.

There are few ways to keep your blog content interesting without a lot of hassle:
  • Update and add new fresh content regularly - Made a program to regular update your content so that your blog does not get stale, but also introduce new content. If you have always offered home business opportunities on your home business blog, consider covering home business traffic building strategies. If you have always made personal comments, consider offering tips.
  • Add new features and sections - Offering new contests and new sections such as home business opportunities section, a guest post or a success stories section will make it clear that you are working to make your blog better. It will also make blogging more interesting for you, ensuring that you keep providing customers with great content.
  • Connect your blog with your others marketing efforts - Link you blog to your other blogs or websites,  Advertise your products, create contests, encourage your reader to comment your posts, etc.. make your blog work with other marketing efforts and your blog will gain fresh contents with less hassle.

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Simply changing your blog content is not often enough. You also need to increase the interest on your blog by creating more interesting content:
  • Don’t be too afraid to get controversial - Although you will want to avoid offending customers by making too personal or off-color comments, making some thought provoking comments is a good way to generate discussion and interest. Make a comment about someone else’s comment or on the state of your industry. A healthy debate can help you.
  • Keep it personal and friendly - Be cautious of just offering general and impersonal content on your blogs; that’s what other online writing is for. Do include some of your personality and interest in your blog and put your friendliest face forward to attract customers and readers.
  • Link to other interesting blog or websites – Don't be afraid to link out to quality content. Links from your blog to original offer your readers places to go where they can learn more or even read a differing perspective. Your site visitors will appreciate you introducing them to useful websites, you can increase your credibility and you can achieve higher search engines rankings.
  • Hold an "interview" with a well-known blogger - Post the interview on your blog so that they will link to your blog, thus making you more popular and getting more readers from his website!

Monetize Your Blog

How to make money from blog
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I think it’s perfectly reasonable to earn an income from your effort. If you want to make your blog a publicity-boosting machine to make money from blog, you will have to make sure that you work at making your blog more attractive by providing up-to-date information on your area of specialization.

Making money from your blog is challenging enough. But, if your blog provides value, this will come naturally, and that is the fun of blogging.
  • Add banners and text ads to your blog - Banner ads or promotions can let readers know that the ads you put are worth checking out. Avoid putting up ads that you personally find annoying such as pop-ups and stuff that flies across your screen.
  • Show your enthusiasm about your business - You can easily talk about your business without sounding like an annoying salesperson. For example, note the challenges you faced to start a new project or service in your business. This will help sell the new product or service without sounding too aggressive.
  • Request donation – To request donation you must provide your readers with unique content that can't be found in any other blog, or website. If they feel you've saved them time and/or money, they will reward you for it.
  • Sell products - Create or get the best quality products you can, and give your visitors compelling reasons to buy.

How To Market Your Blog And Keep Your Readers

Some experts claim that many new blogs are created each second of the day. The sheer number of blogs makes it unlikely that others will find you unless you encourage people to visit your blog:
  • Make your blog access easy - Link from your website to your blog for easy access. Also, include your blog’s address on your business cards and letterhead, along with your email address and your web site address.
  • Offer motivation for reading - Whether it is a blog-readers-only contest with a great prize or a free ebook for blog readers, motivation is a great way to attract visitors, and to please customers. Plus, you will get a sense from the responses how many readers you have.
  • Speak and write about your blog - Whether you are giving a speech or writing an article, you can talk about your home business blog as a place to get more quality information about your topic of interest.
  • Offer a newsletter - Many blog writers offer a newsletter to readers. This newsletter lets readers know when an update has been added and ensures that the blog stays fresh in readers’ minds. It can also be a good way to keep track of how many readers a blog has and can be a good way to add more value-added content.
  • Offer Bookmarklets - Bookmarklets allow a reader to bookmark your posts or your blog to many different bookmark and news sharing sites like, digg, etc. This link makes it easy for them to save and find your blog posts. Not only will it allow the initial reader to bookmark it but will also allow their network of friend to see the bookmark and follow it to your blog.
  • Offer an RSS feed from your blog - Most blog software today does this, and it allows your blog to be syndicated in other online areas and often to cell phones, increasing your exposure and creating more readers.

Measure Your Blog's Results

Just as with any other marketing strategy, once you create a blog to promote your business, you need to keep track of your results. Doing so will allow you to see how effectively your blog is working for you and also let you see what changes you need to make to create a better blog.

The first step in deciding how well your blog is working, as a marketing tool is to evaluate your blog’s effectiveness:
  • Monitor your blog stats - Keep an eye on your blog stats such as how many people view your blog, who visited your blog, from which country, where they go after they leave your blog, what pages they viewed, what keywords and/or key phrases are bringing users to your blog and from which sites and search engines your visitors came. This can help you optimize by including the right keywords in your articles or posts and target specific geographic region, and more.
  • What other websites say about your blog - A blogroll refers to the practice of linking similar blog pages from one article. Just as you will want to link to other blogs from your blog, so others may choose to offer a link to your blog. This sort of linking ensures that your blog is interesting, that your blog will rank high in search engines and attract more traffic.
  • Keep track of wins - Winning contests, reviews, and positive notices for your blog not only ensures that readers are interested in your blog, but it suggests that you are doing something well. Entering a design contests or blog contests can go one of two ways, successful or unsuccessful. It's an effective strategy to measure your blog effectiveness. If you win the contest you will get more exposure. If you lose the contest, then it indicates that you need to improve blog.
  • Look at mentions of your blog in other blogs - You should not just look at mentions of your blog in other blogs. Keep track of where your business name and blog name appears online, in forums, web pages, and in publications. What sort of publicity are you getting for your blog and your home business? Has there been a difference response to your business since you began the blog?
This will give a clear picture of the effectiveness of your efforts and identifying practical ways to improve user satisfaction.
  • Do some market research - Ask your customers where they heard of you and why they chose you. Ask your customers and readers to rate your blog. The responses may be very telling.
  • Measure your results and improve your performance - Consider your other marketing and advertising strategies. Compare the amount of time and money you spend on your marketing efforts and the results you get from each effort. Calculate your return on investment (ROI) and make adjustment.

Make Your Results Better

Once you have considered how your blog is affecting your business, you should be able to see what needs to be done. If your blog is not getting enough visitors, try advertising your blog more through online groups, emails, and links. If the response to your blog is not great, then you may need to make some changes in content and style to lure in more readers. If you find that your blog is not getting the results you want, though, make sure that you have given the blog a chance.

It takes time and hard work to build a solid loyal audience with a blog than with other forms of marketing. If you do build a regular audience, though, the promotional potential of your blog will be quite high and you can make money blogging.


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