Are You Making The Same Mistake

Gley Yahya

"Hi all

My name is Gley Yahya do you remember me?

I haven't written you for 7 months because of my bad health. I spent 3 months in the hospital and another 4 months at home recuperating. Now l feel good.

The main reason of my sickness was just tired from working between 16 to 18 hours everyday for 2 years!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an internet marketer is to try to handle too much of the day-to-day running of your business yourself without taking care of your health.

Lesson learned…

Gley yahya
1 - Get organized and develop a business plan.
Depending on your FREE time, scheduling flexibility, I would highly recommend you:

- Take care of your health by eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep and caring for your general well being. This way you can stay healthy no matter what your age.

- Outsource most of the day-to-day tasks associated with the running of your business.

This way you can save time to relax and spend more time on the things that directly put money in your bank account, such as marketing, finding JV partners, building your list!

2 - Find trusty ally to help you keeping your business running and secure.

When I was sick there’s no one knows about my business! Can you imagine how much money I lost or left on the table as a result of these errors?

- Consider finding someone who doesn't need regular work, like a student, homemaker, or retiree, and training him/her to run your business when you are absent.

Your life and health is more valuable than your possessions, but nobody keeps to it. And even a short stay in the hospital costs much more than whatever you're carrying on you!

Your friend

Gley Yahya"

I posted this in a forum early in 2007. Read it here..

After been recovered from the disease and everything is back as it was before. I forget all the doctor's tips or rather did not work out...

The result....

Gley Yahya
After the end of the recovery period in 2007, I felt that my health improved, I went back working on my blog

I always feel tired, I nervus, I feel from time to time that my head is going to explode... but my blog is everything in my life, I feel it's a part of me. Miss my friends so much all my subscribers were my family, I left them waiting for my help. I have left them in need of assistance etc... All this was strongly pulling me back to work.

Making it short, In Mars 2010 my health was going bad again, and three weeks after, I ended up needing major care. One day I was transferred to the clinic immediately put me in intensive care and there I stayed 2 days almost unconscious. Recovered from the disease and went back to home.

Since leaving the hospital, I hated computers and blogging hate work in General. After all my doctor was very strict with me this time and gave me the straight talk that I need to keep away form hard work at least for 2 years.

I moved from the city to live in the countryside where calm and picturesque nature. Began recovering quickly. After about 8 months I was completely healed. I came back normal.

I lost my day JOB. My website is down. I lost my clients. And, have a pile of not payed bills.

Gley Yahya
Blogging is very attractive to me. I love connecting with people all over the world. I feel very happy went I help others feel better. I feel much happier when they call me and thank me for what made a statement.

How I laughed when I found accidentally my post in a Forum. I laughed because I advised others and not worked advice...

Indeed, the human are wondrous and strange at the same time.

Finally I hope everyone read this post will think twice about it, now that I have learned some things of which I was ignorant years ago.

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