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Gley Yahya

Gley works from a home office or a laptop while traveling. His goal is to teach others how to build and manage successful online businesses after creating his own from scratch and here’s the whole story.

The above was before I made a big mistake. Please refer to Are You Making The Same Mistake article to read the big mistake I have made and how to avoid it.

Gley Yahya started his online business without a red cent in his pocket, no PC and no Internet connection. But this did not happen in 30 days or the easy way.

I'm a mechanics working for a national company. I'm married and have six kids. I didn't have much money. I was always looking for ways on how to make extra income to keep myself debt free and improve my family’s lifestyle.

Making long story short, I discovered the worldwide web in 1999 from a friend’s cyber coffee. I had no idea about Internet or anything related to. But, my ability to perceive process and understand things has aided me greatly in my venture.

One year after I recognized that there’s no way to make easy money online. The system works, but I can’t make it work for me unless I investigate the knowledge needed to launch a profitable business.

I started working very hard. I forgot what spare time meant, I forgot watching TV, I forgot meeting friends in one word I forgot about the world around me and was completely engaged in education-related efforts to build a profitable home business that would change my family's lifestyle.

Gley Yahya

What helped me to be familiar with a lot of things in online marketing arena fast that I’m a salesman by nature. I Have good experience under my belt. I started my first home business at my early teenage. It was doing odd jobs for people such as cleaning, picking up trash, etc... My second home business was "Cars' publication", my next home business was a "Graphics Biz, the next was 'walking duck' manufacturing business.

All of these home business was successful. So where is the problem? I just quit very early. Winners never quit and quitter never win! Period. 

Few years later after I graduated, got married and had my first kid the need for extra money was pressing. I started working part time for two offline small local companies for 5 years. I helped the two companies growing their business by implementing customers’ services and direct marketing strategy.

I love the customer service because I love interacting with people, and that is also why I love direct marketing. I love direct marketing because it equals communication in its simplest and purest form. I love helping people out and giving advice. All my friends and family come to me...

...Lack of money made me understand that in life the only path to progress is education. But, my biggest drawback was that I'm leaving in Tunisia and unable to obtain a credit card to buy relevant information online. Tools like web hosting, autoresponders and domain names were simply unavailable to me and I was forced to rely on my own initiative until the first hosting company took place in my country.

...I didn't know which way to follow. I had so many questions and absolutely zero answers. Where do I start? More important was how do I start? What to do, how to do it, where to look, what to look for and so forth. To be honest, I was lost.

...I realized that in order to succeed in my online business I have to learn how to write my website content. Writing was not an easy task for me. English is not my mother tongue. I was speaking and using simple English words to express myself. I was born in Tunisia WHERE I live until now, I speak and write in Arabic and French languages.

You may ask why you don’t use Arabic or French to build your business? The answer is: Sure it is very easy for me to use one of the two languages to build my online business. But finding free info products and tools was easier in English websites than in Arabic and French sites. So, I started learning English to improve my language skills and being able to write my articles, sales letters, etc….

Without assistance and using free information and free tools available on the net took me quite a while to write my first article and create my first website. Thanks to Dr. Ken Evoy of sitesell.com for all the free information and tools provided in his site that makes any obstacle look like a piece of cake.

About Gley Yahya

Gley's Believes

We believe that business is supposed to be friendly, honest and pleasing. We strongly believe on that attitude, promotes it and seek you to add your voice to help to make our voice stronger.
We treat our Websites’ visitors, subscribers and clients with dignity and respect - and we try and make sure that we all enjoy ourselves.

We believe that business success depends upon our listening to, understanding, meeting the requirements and establishing good business' partnership with of our customers.

About Work At Home Start Up Guide?

Work At Home Startup Guide is a blog produced by Gley Yahya and designed to those interested in starting a home business that inspires them and brings them prosperity and abundance.

The internet is overwhelming for new business starters and finding just the right information and tools you need can still be a frustrating and time-consuming process. So this is why I created this blog.

What You Will find?

- A wealth of useful articles, business tips, insight, how-to guides, and other material designed to help you start, run, grow your home business and making money online.

- Free ebooks on affiliate marketing, copywriting, google's Adsense, and more.

- The needed tools and services to have to create an online home business. Domain registration, email marketing, web hosting, Autoresponders, etc…

- New content is added regularly including tutorials, motivational articles, how-to guides, interviews with other homes businesses and experts dealing with current hot topics like blogging, web 2.0 marketing, news and information from the Internet business world that will help you gain knowledge and succeed in your home business careers.

Gley Yahya

Updated on Mars 20015 

Working very hard without guidance, plan, etc... may leads to bad health results...read more

Gley Yahya

12, Hanibal Street - Ennour City - Gafsa - Tunisia

GSM: 00216 54 772 160

Skype: gley2

Email: gley.yahya@gmail.com 

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