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It really doesn't matter what type of business you're in or what you sell. If you're not building an email list of prospects and customers then you can be sure of one thing. You don't have a business!

Yes you heard it right, if you don’t have email marketing lists of subscribers, customers and clients willing to buy what you offer you can't make money. Period.

eMail marketing lists building of leads, customers, repeat customers and clients are the most important assets that you can own to ensure your long term online success.

There are a lot of techniques available for building a customer base, and you should carefully select what works best for you. 

The thing is, you should provide a reason why people should subscribe to your email marketing lists. 

There are a lot of marketers who are working hard to lure buyers to subscribe to their lists in the Internet, and people should be convinced that this particular subscription is worth the bother.

In my search for the most effective way to my customers base I concluded that there are several ways to do this work. 

In this article I will share with you the strategy that I'm using personally  that added thousand subscribers to my email marketing lists in no time frame...

One of the best strategies that I'm using to build my email marketing lists while I'm selling my products is FREE marketing course online

By Offering a valuable gift to my blog visitors I lured them to subscribe and then I hook them on to quality 7 days marketing course online, I give myself the chance to sell my products, service and affiliate programs more than one time to the same person. 

Using this way I make from a blog visitors a lifetime client using a clever strategy that convert this person from a  simple blog visitor to a client moving him through a series of scientific procedures.

Let's start...

What's A Marketing Course Online?

A marketing course online or as known also email marketing course is a series of related informational lessons that are sent to subscribers over a period of time. 

It can be an ebusiness course, hair loss e-mail course, dog training email course, e-marketing course, gardening e-mail course, email writing course, fitness email course, etc…

All parts of the marketing courses online are loaded to an “autoresponder” and automatically sent out at your programmed intervals to anyone who subscribe.

You can plan to send a lesson every day, every two days, twice a week, every week or you can choose any other frequency you want.

Marketing courses online are much like ebooks, except that they keep your subscribers anticipating the next part. 

Marketing course online series are used to maintain steady contact with subscribers. They are easy to put together. 

Once you decide on the topic you can write your own ecourse or outsource the work.

Your marketing course online should preferably be educational, informative and provide value to your visitors.

Why E-marketing Course?

Three basic reasons WHY you should use email marketing course as an essential part of your marketing strategy...

Reason #1: An email marketing course is fundamentally a learning tool for the subscriber. It provides value in the form of a free education to him or her, and this is a very real benefit that makes people want to joint your list.

Reason #2: People opt-in to the e-mail course because they want whatever they can be taught from it. They want, anticipate and craving your e-mail course.

Reason #3. Better Conversion - Email ecourses are one of the best selling tool for the marketer:
  • First, there's a series of follow-up emails to help promote whatever products you're offering over a period of time increasing the chances of making sales.
  • Second, if you provide quality, helpful ecourse, your subscribers will become much less resistance and they will consider your recommendations and offers.

How to Create an Effective Email course at Any Topic You Want!

To create an effective e-mail course there are many steps you need to take to make sure you get quality lessons.

1 - Find Your E-mail Course Theme.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to select the topic you want to write about. You should create your email ecourse about a subject your are passionate about. Maybe you could write about a hobby or some other passion you have.

What's the point?

The point is that the act of writing about something you love makes you feel good and will improve your writing. It will make your copy more appealing, more personal and more genuine. Loving your topic transmits itself to the reader in many subtle ways. This way you can provide valuable information to your subscribers.

I suggest you select a general theme then narrow it to target a niche market. The trick here is to get targeted subscribers willing to buy what you are offering after all you can’t be everything to everyone!

Let’s take the dogs theme as an example. Your are dog lover and have had a dog in the past or currently. So, you can write an ecourse or you get articles about dog but you know the main dog market is over saturated with heavy competition. What you can do?

Go to LongTailPro Tool and search your market using your main keyword (dog). Let's say you see that "dog care" sub-niche is affordable and you can build a profitable email list of dog owners willing to learn how to take care of their dogs. The first thing you do is create and email course about your subject.

You want to cover the maximum of your theme to provide your subscribers with valuable information. So, create a lesson about “what to do and how to care for your much-loved dog”. Your second lesson can be “tips on dog grooming”. Your third lesson will be about “dog training”. Your forth lesson may be about “dog supplies” and so on until you cover the maximum of your subject of interest.

Make sure each topic is packed with essential and valuable information, and leaves the visitor lusting to know more. Otherwise, you may lose them in the very beginning.

2 -Decide How to Create Your Email Marketing Course

Second, you need to decide if you want to write your own email marketing course, get private label rights articles from PLR membership sites, get someone to write them for you or use ready-made articles or ecourse.

Let's examine these 4 choices.
  • Write your own email marketing course. Once you have an ecourse written where YOU are the author, you become an instant authority. When people subscribe to your ecourse, learn from you, skills, information, values, etc…, they appreciate you. That appreciation quickly grows into trust and they will be much more likely to do business with you.
Writing your own ecourses will cost you nothing only a little bit of your time. Also, writing your own ecourses will give you a sense of self-importance and achievement.

But, writing in common can be very time consuming due to things like writer’s block setting in, not being well versed in a particular topic, or sometimes feeling like you just don’t have anything worth saying. If this is your case you can use…
  • Use Private Label Rights articles. If your budget allows join a Private Label Rights (PLR) membership site which provide tons of interesting content on different themes for a monthly fee.
Using Private label rights articles can be a source of much needed inspiration and save you some time when creating your e-mail course.

If you’re not familiar with PLR articles or products, they are similar to works written by ghostwriters but less expansive. You can put your name as the author, you can use and and modify them as you want. You can do with them what you want, they are your own!

A word of caution: When using PLR articles you need to modify them, inject your personality, change the titles, etc… is not to use them as they are. The PLR article should only be a base for your email marketing course, otherwise your email course may end up unoriginal and lacking your personality.

Note: Not all articles you find will be useful for your ecourse. Naturally, you’ll
want to weed out the ones that aren’t well written or contain poor and/or outdated information.
  • Hire someone to write your e-mail course.This is an other great solution for people who are not comfortable writing their own content. You can author your own ecourse or articles and use them to build your opt in email list. Simply use an article ghost writing service.
When you find a ghost writer make sure s/he must understand how to structure your e-mail course so that it keeps the reader interested and engaged, and be able to write in a style that captures your personality rather than their own. You also must find someone who is impartial and can be trusted to keep confidentiality.
  • Use ready made articles. If you are an affiliate you can find an affiliate program in any industry that offer free ecourses or articles as part of their affiliate tools. Find out from your favorite affiliate program owner if such ecourse promotional tools are available. Or, find articles that are written by authors who have affiliate programs in place for their own products!
See, here’s the trick – when you create your ecourse using these articles you’ll naturally have their “resource box” at the end of the article. Inside that resource box is going to be YOUR affiliate link to THEIR product!

When you publish articles in your e-mail course, your subscribers read it and want to find out more from the author, they click on the link in the resource box and arrive at the product page through YOUR affiliate referral. If they buy anything, you make a commission!

So, look for articles that are written by authors who have affiliate programs for their own products. Join the affiliate program and use these articles to promote your affiliate link.

Here is an articles bank where you can find free brandable articles for affiliates almost about any topic. In this website every article has an affiliate program associated with it and the author’s permission to reprint.

Create an Attention Grabbing Title For Your E-marketing Course.

Once your articles are ready it’s time to decide upon the “title” of your new ecourse. Look at the articles, what do they have in common? What is the benefit your ecouse brings to the public? Why they should subscribe to your own ecourse?

Create an attractive headline for your ecouse. If your headline fails to stop a potential reader in his/her tracks, you might as well not even bother with the rest.

So, don’t focus your mind on your ecourse, but on the desires and wants of your audience.
What could you say that would quickly and deeply engage, interest and excite your prospects? What would make them sit up straight and think, "Yes!"?

Once you know that, then you're just a few moments away from a great headline.

Now, here's the easiest way that I know to create a title that is attention grabbing.

You take the overall theme and turn it into a title. Let's work through some examples so you can understand the idea.

Example 1: If your subject matter is "how to make money with affiliate programs," then here are some possible titles...
  1. How to make money from affiliate programs using AdWords
  2. How to Make Money from Affiliate Ebooks Without Selling Them
  3. How to become a super affiliate on a tight budget
  4. Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work?
  5. Top Adsense Affiliate Earner Tricks
Example 2: If your subject matter is "Traffic Generation," then here are some possible titles...
  1. How to Get Website Traffic Fast and Easy
  2. How to attract traffic from Google videos
  3. How to get a top 10 ranking on the search engines and directories
  4. Website Traffic Secrets Unleashed
  5. 10 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic for Your Website next week
Did you get the idea?

Basically, just take a look at what your subject matter is, what benefits your subscribers will get and create a title for your email marketing course.

That is not all, Use the above examples and strategy to create a heading for every lesson. You want to get your subscribers to read every lesson you send and will be responding, so select your lessons’ titles wisely.

Set up Your Autoresponder.

Here you have tow options to send your email courses to your subscribers.

You can send the lesson directly to the subscriber using your autoresponder or you can write a short teaser email about the lesson that urges the reader to click on the link to view the lesson on your website. In each way you will need to set up your autorersponder.

If you are promoting AdSense ads or AdBrite ads put your lessons inside your website. We want your subscribers to go to the website because of Adsense and/or AdBrite revenue.

Using your favorite HTML editor, create your eCourse in html format. Put each lesson in a single page and upload it to your website. Include Adsense ads, AdBrite ads or both at the top, bottom and center if the particular lesson is long enough.

Note: AdBrite ads are keyword targeted and not contextual. So you can use them with AdSense Ads. The AdSense terms only restrict the use of contextual ads.

Also, you will be promoting one affiliate product per lesson. Lesson 1 promotes Product 1, Lesson 2 promotes Product 2, Lesson 3 promotes product 3, and lesson 4 promotes product 1 again and so on. Or, you can find the best way you want to use to promote your own products or any affiliate product using your lessons.

Log into your autoresponder account and choose the “create form” or “lead capture” option. Enter the required information you wish to collect, usually just a name and email address will do.

Copy the HTML code generated for the optin email capture form that collect your subscriber’s name and email address. Insert this code in a prominent place on every website page.

The “opt-in email capture form” will be created with your autoresponder system, so follow their instructions for more information on creating it.

Instructions vary from service to service, so I can’t give you any specific insight here. Check your user manual or support pages and you’ll be able to get it set up.

But, if you want to build your email list fast especially if you are paying for your advertisement I do recommend that you create a landing page for your eCourse to convince a big chunk of your website visitors to subscribe to your e-mail course.

If you want to send your lessons directly to your subscribers...

Format Your email marketing Course Lessons and Upload Them to Your Autoresponder.

After you’ve entitled your email marketing course, it’s time to format each of the lessons so they all have the same “look” in appearance.

Here’s a a free online tool you can use to format your email courses and email messages. It is a good tool that I  use wen I need to format any text. 

This is an email course sample


How To Write, Build and Profit From A List On Any Topic!

If you should not want to receive my email messages any
longer, you can always unsubscribe using the link at the
bottom of every message.

- Day One -

Subject: {FIRSTNAME}, Your Mailing List Course – Day

Welcome {FIRSTNAME},

I’m very glad that you joined my course. You see,
building an opt in list almost guarantees your success
in any type of internet marketing. Congratulations,
you’re on the road to success.

Well, let’s get started. The first thing you need to do
is get a follow up autoresponder. If you need one,
Getresponse.Com and Aweber.Com seem to be very
popular.EmailAces.Com also is becoming popular. Most
of the services above will offer *one* free autoresponder
but they do display ads.

FreeAutoBot.Com offers free autoresponders without ads,
but unfortunately, many people use these to send SPAM
and several ISPs block them.

Once you picked out an autoresponder, you’ll need to
add some messages. We’re going to create a five day
course. What you want to do is find 5 good articles for
each day. With each of these articles, you want to add
your own comments on the articles. This gives yourself
a voice and helps build a relationship with your
subscribers. It also will help if you provide links to
related free tools, ebooks or helpful sites.

By doing this you’re creating a quality course, offering
*expert* advice, building a mailing list and building a
relationship with your subscribers all at the same time!

Building your course is just the start. Next, you need
to start advertising. Tomorrow, we’re going to build a

Thanks {FIRSTNAME} for your time. I’ll talk to you

To your success,

Gley Yahya 

12, Hanibal St
2123 Gafsa

Gley Yahya is the owner of Work At Home Start Up Guide
Blog designed to help small bus.iness owners starting their 
bus.iness by following a proven to work process, that 
attracts online people to their websites and
leads them through the progression from position to position,
to con.vert them to loyal custom*ers.

- White list US -

To get your desired message in your please wh.ite US by going to:

If you need help don’t hesitate to contact Us. I love to help
others feel better!

P.S. (Your P.S. goes here)

Click on the link below to CANCEL your subscription or EDIT your details:
(Your link here)


Once you have done this, and gone over the material carefully, you must transfer your text to your autoresponder.

Spread The Word About Your Email Marketing Course.

After you’ve come over all the above steps guess what? Now it’s time to let the world know about your newly created email marketing course. If your website or landing page is not seen by the millions of people that search through the Internet then chances are all your efforts are wasted!

All you need to do now is get the word out about your ecourse and let people know it’s available for them to join. How? Use every advertising means possible to get targeted subscribers. You can…
  1. Post announcements on your website or blog.
  2. Announce your ecourse to your existing email list.
  3. Promote it in your email signature file.
  4. Link to it as you post to forums.
  5. Use Pay Per Click search engines
  6. Purchase Ezine Solo Ads and Top Sponsor Spots
  7. Use offline advertising
  8. Write an submit press releases, etc…
There are many ways to advertise your e-mail course. But don’t try to apply them all at once or you have to use them all to get what you are after! Just select on or two strategies stick to them after you see results move to the next.

Spam-check the Email Copy Before Sending.

A significant portion of emails go straight to the spam folder, whether or not permission was given. Spam is just so much of a problem that the filters have to be pretty tough and not every subscriber checks that folder regularly or even at all.

So, to get your email to your subscriber inbox make sure that the content of your email messages is spam-checked before sending.

Most of mail servers are equipped with spam-detection software to score any email message you send with a number of points. The lower a message scores, the better. So, what triggers the spam filters?

1 - The use of HTML
- Think before you send your emails in HTML format. Not only does this increase the chances of the spam filter eating it, but it can be hard to imagine how exactly the HTML will make. It also leaves you open to the temptation to put in all kinds of irrelevant headers and graphics. Messages containing unusually high ratios of images or HTML tend to score higher.

2 - The use of capital letters and a lot of punctuation such as (!!!).

3 - The use of certain words - Words such as free, money, as seen on tv, click here, trial, and so on, can trigger the spam filter.

So, it is essential to test your copy before each send to make sure that it will pass the spam filter and reach your subscriber inbox by using a free software that you can download it from software.informer to quickly check your emails.

Also, you can encourage your subscribers to whitelist your domain or specific email address with their email client.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, putting together an ecourse isn't very complicated, and it isn't very time-consuming when you use one of the systems identified above that fits your needs.

By now you have all needed information to create an effective email marketing course to build your optin email list fast and start cashing. The only thing I can’t do is working for you!. So, start now take a few hours today (not tomorrow) and put together an eCourse following the steps above.

I hope you’ve found this post enjoyable and informative. Wishing you much success online and in life.

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail." Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)

I believe in the saying "the right tool for the right job". If you want to save a lot of time and make sure your ecourses and your emails messages reach your subscribers' inbox and keep your list clean of false email addresses I suggest using 

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