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SiteSell ServicesTo succeed in online business you need to design professional site web full of content, well designed, satisfying to your targeted audience and ranking well on all search engines.

Don’t let this make you lose courage. You don’t need to hire an expensive designer or attend costly seminars to create a money making web site. 

You can build your own web site for free or for a small fee! Click here to download this great FREE ebook.

For any business, big or small, a professional website is important if you want to attract potential clients and keep customers to transform your business into a forever-flowing fountain of funds.

Proper design professional site web is vital for online business success. But, it is considered as small fraction of website creation.

How to design professional site web?

work at home start up guide

To create a successful web site there is much more to take into consideration than just designing web pages. So, before starting your web site design, it is important to learn how to do it well.

Follow our specific Internet home based business creation order to start on strong basis.

Remember, the major factor in determining your success is the amount of time you take to educate yourself. Please don't take this point lightly, as it can literally mean the difference between success and failure. All what you need is here and for FREE.

Do It Yourself

I can’t lie, building a website from scratch is NOT easy and it takes a LOT of hard work. It is a real pain if you have no experience doing it! But if you're willing to take the time to learn the necessary skills, be prepared to learn A LOT.

You are the only person responsible for every aspect of your website design and maintenance. So, you’re going to need all the right tools and every bit of knowledge you gain to use them to create a website that WORKS.

Here's a brief introduction to three essential tools you'll need and want to use as a web designer

1 - HTML Editor Tools

The first tool you'll need is a good web page editor. I highly recommend that you find and stick with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editor type. These software programs will display web pages as they're being built. It’s like you are working on a word processor.
  • Soft82 is a free website were you can fin multiple website creators and html editors if you are looking for the right free software download solution for your home or your business? Here you can find all what you want.( - Download free and free to try software)
  • is the largest collection of royalty-free clipart, photos, vinyl-ready images, Web graphics, illustrations, fonts and sounds offered by subscription on the Web. (
  • NeoPaint is a full featured graphics website. It's powerful, and simple enough for beginners, yet packed with powerful features and advanced softwares for businesses. (

  • 2 - Graphics Editors

Most of websites use images to enhance their images or communicate messages even if it’s not vital. Almost all websites display icons, artwork, or photographs of some sort. You don't need to be a professional photographer to display graphics; you just need to know where to find high-quality images to edit and use as your own.

Here are a couple of good leads:

You can use the following image editors to edit images or create your own.

3 - Multimedia Editors

In addition to imagery, most websites integrate animation, sound and/or video. It's easy to get excited by these elements because they make the final production thrilling. But, when used excessively they can slow down data transfer and make a bad impression on visitors who don't have the proper equipment to handle such a rich form of media.

Use multimedia carefully only to support a website's purpose.

To learn how to create your own video from scratch go to Home Business Traffic Made Easy webpage.

Use Ready Made Website Templates.

Instead of hiring a website designer to design your website, website templates make the whole process incredibly easy. In a nutshell, website templates are complete website designs minus custom content. Depending on the type of template, website owners can either…

- 1 - download, modify, and then re-upload edited templates to a server, or
- 2 - edit a template online and save changes on a remote server.

The first approach uses templates called turnkey packages while the second approach uses templates called prepackaged software solutions. Both approaches are low-cost methods of creating a website, yet they don't allow for unlimited customization.

Web site templates are very useful; most of experienced web designers use them to 'jump-start' the creation of a website. They are also a way for people to put out great looking web sites quickly with little or no knowledge of HTML and web design. Here are some of free websites templates...


Outsourcing Your Website Design.

Web design couldn't get any easier when it's outsourced to someone else. As a significant time and money saver, outsourced web site design grants access to experienced web programmers who can quickly facilitate the entire process.

The key difference between this approach and the other ways described above is that hired programmers have a lot of control over how things work. In fact, programmers are usually the folks who update and maintain the site because they're the ones who are most familiar with it.

TIP: Outsourcing can help you get a quality website online in the shortest amount of time possible unless you want to take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the ways that websites operate. Learn some basic HTML so that you can make harmless changes to your website without being completely dependent on your programmers.

Another problem with outsourcing web design is ownership. In the above approaches, the website's owner retains ownership (copyrights) to the final design, however, depending on the contract between you and your programmer, you may not own copyrights to your site at all.

Before agreeing to any type of outsourcing arrangement, make sure to read the contract and get detailed answers to what you'll get for payment such as…

- What will or could be subcontracted to another party?
- Who handles updates?
- Who keeps copyrights?

If necessary, have a lawyer review the terms of any contract before signing it.
Here are a few online outsourcing resources to start:

Outsourcing Your Website Design is very costly but you will get a professional website with the needed features.  

What Makes a Great Website? 

Most successful webmasters will tell you that the best website is simple and clean. So, what are the measures you should consider in order to make your site more appealing to users around the world and realize more conversions, better customer retention, and professional image?

Here is a list of issues that can be encountered in web design and the necessary action to be considered:

1 - Appearance of the pages

The design of a web site should be well-matched to any browser and be able to pass HTML and CSS validation tests.
    • Logo - Repetitive display of a company's logo helps with the branding process.
    • Navigation - The process of navigating your web site should be simple enough for all users. Use simple text links or buttons, right under the header, at the bottom of the page, at left or right side of the screen. Make sure the text labels clearly indicate what the user will find when he or she clicks on them.
    • Fonts - A consistent font helps maintain a consistent look. They are not just a matter of personal favorite of the user and the designer. The primary significance of font choice is that it affects the readability of the information being presented in the page. Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana fonts are usually recommended. Websites or pages that display several different fonts give the impression of being haphazard and unstable rather than focused and serious.
    • Color - When applying color, it is important that there is enough contrast between background and foreground in order for the content to be readable. To achieve maximum contrast, use black text against a white or light yellow, grey or blue background.
    • Business Name, Contact Information, and URL - When visitors print a page, they can readily recall where the page came from if this data is displayed on each and every page.
    • Update Dates - Dates and time that reflects when the content on a page changed can help visitors determine how fresh the content is. Fresh content is particularly important for businesses who need to convey time-sensitive materials (product availability, pricing, etc.)
    • Copyright Information. This should discourage few visitors who might want to steal exclusive material. 

    2 - Content 

    work at home start up guide

    Remember, web content should be short and straight to the point. Make your text clear and simple to understand. Keep the size of the pages small, certainly no more than 500-800 words per page and a total page size of no more than 100k. The way words are presented is almost as important as content so make sure to use…

    I cannot stress this enough, CONTENT IS KING. Search engines love websites that have lots of useful information. Google, Yahoo! and MSN will rank you higher if your website has abundance of good quality keywords rich content pages. So think about what you want to say to your visitors and give then the information they want and need. 

    Your content is one of the main factors for search engines when they rank a web page. Check through your text and correct all grammatical and spelling errors. Otherwise it gives your website visitors a negative impression of you and the business you represent. Remember, first impression counts a lot! 

    3 - Availability of basic features

    To maintain a consistent appearance and convey a serious business attitude, every page in a website should always display the following elements:

    • Terms and phrases that people readily understood.
    • Short sentences and phrase in the active voice. The best way to tell your reader what you want is a short, straight forward sentence. Complex sentences loaded with dependent clauses and exceptions confuse the reader.
    • Paragraphs of no more than 2 to 4 sentences each.
    • Margins and padding to adjust elements' positions and control the spacing around and within them.
    • Colored text for headlines is appealing because color is a magnet to the eye and creates a feeling of excitement.
    • Bullets to highlight key points, organize a list or draw attention to information.
    • Italics to emphasize a word or phrase. Italics are hard to read, so limit their use.
    • Bold words and phrases or underline for titles or to add emphasis.
    • All capitals only to draw attention to a heading or to make a brief statement.

    4 - Site performance 

    There are three factors that determine the overall performance of a web site. These are speed, tables, and connections. Since everyone is hankering for more bandwidth, so avoid the usage of design that will take up too much bandwidth, because not every user has access to fast Internet connections.To avoid making the site appear like it takes forever to download...
    • Never put a whole page inside a one table. Instead, divide the page into several tables.
    • Do not cloud your page with too much items for the simple reason that each item requires a separate browser for the whole page to be downloaded. 

    The Cost Factor 

    work at home start up guide

    Budgeting the costs for creating a website is a simple formula: "The more stuff you want on your website, the more expense that can be applied toward debugging it." The more that you can do yourself, the less expensive your costs will be. The expenses involved in designing a website may range from a simple $50 investment to a big $10,000 expense. 

    The following describes what could increase or decrease your website development costs:
    • Purchasing sufficient networking hardware

    • Buying appropriate website software

    • Purchasing additional computer peripherals (digital cameras, scanners, video cams, etc.)

    • Buying artwork or hiring a freelance artist to supply it

    • Hiring a computer programmer to provide Java or VB script code

    • Paying for web hosting

    • Utility bills

    • Legal fees for copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.
    Things that could affect the rate of these costs could be the decision to:
    • Rent equipment

    • Use multimedia material in the public domain

    • Purchase low-cost stock images, sounds, and video.

    • Completely outsource the entire design of a website or only outsource specific tasks.

    • Learn how to code HTML, JavaScript, VB Script, and any number of other web languages.

    • Register low-cost HTML editing shareware (or use free software)


      We understand that Internet home based business starters does not have time to learn website design, website programming, html, and all other skills necessary for creating and managing a website and no budget to hire third party to do it. 

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        2. A Form can ve nested inside another form
        3. Which element are table cells
        4. List out tags that are support exclusively by IE and Netscape.
        5. What tags are used to embed one html page inside another html page (without using frames)?
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