How To Become a Copywriter


Most of online marketers want to know how to become a copywriter. They have the right to wonder and ask, because copywriting is the main pillar of success in online marketing. Period!

I spent about four years learning and reading copy writing skills. I read all what I have reached of the books in the arts of writing and it might look like now I have some success and trust me this hasn't come overnight!

I spent these precious years of my life learning how to become a copywriter because I grasped that there is no success in e-commerce without earning Writing skills.

I do not have a lot of money, but say I do not have money to buy a lot ebooks or assist expensive seminars. I bought some cheap ebooks. Few of them are precious but the most of them are worthless. Then began to make my way steadily in copywriting field.

What Are The Best Copywriting Courses?

How to become a copywriter
The best teacher ever is reading every single sales letter possible. Reading as many article as I was able. Reading every classified ad I came across in magazines and classified ads where a copywriter has no more than three lines to convince a website visitor to take action NOW!

Even better, I was very lucky when I came across an ebook that opened my eyes to a lot of the things and helped me understand the the copywriting subject and the right process of how to create a money making home business blog in general.

I was having difficulty dealing with a lot of things like bringing traffic to my blog technics and making sales. The best of it it's FREE. You can download it from here if you want.

This ebook has increased on me that online copywriting is the key to success and to gain these skills is not as difficult as I thought.

I learned also that not only copywriter can make money online. Even you and me can do it.

It is indeed a valuable book, absolutely superb! It's the essential manual for anyone selling anything online.

Believe it or not I did not find a better ebook to this day even between the ebooks that sold of tens of dollars. Click here to download it.

If you have been online for a while chances are you know copywriting is the single most important asset for YOUR Bottom Line Dollars!

Regardless of what you're trying to sell, you really can't sell it without "talking" with your prospective buyer. And in trying to sell anything online by email, the sales letter you write, the ad you want to place is where when and how you talk to your prospect.

Many people just don't want to face the fact that effective ad copy is key to online success. Let's face it, if your ad copy is poor, sales just are NOT going to happen and it will leave you feeling FRUSTRATED.

Successful marketers have spent years learning about selling and merchandising like I did, I learned how to create advertisements and promotions, the psychology of selling, how to find hot buttons to push to make prospects buy what I'm selling.

Many marketers spend fortunes paying EXPENSIVE copywriters to write their sales materials because they know what can do a well written ad copy to their business and you don't have too!

I was convinced by the quality of Ken Evoy of Sitesell products. This time I both his ebook Make Your Words Sell and it was a great deal. Again I had the chance to came across a precious ebook on copywriting. At the time it was sold for $29.95 and it was one of the best selling ebooks and the most valuable one.

Are You Aware About The Benefits Of Writing Your Own Sales Copy Or At Least Understanding The Process Of Ad Copywriting?

How to become a copywriter
I'm a great believer that No one can do the job better than you even if you are a so so copywriter. 

So, you must learn How to become a copywriter either you are writing your own ad copies, or someone else is doing it for you.

Let’s see the benefits of understanding the process of writing your sales copy.

If you hire someone to write for you, you need to be able to...
  • Differentiate between good copywriter, so-so or bad copy writer!
  • Know which copy is going to do the job and which one can and will hurt your reputation and you bottom line if you use it.
  • Communicate with the copywriter effectively about your needs, your prospects, and your products to help him out creating an ad copy that speaks directly to your targeted market for the best results.
  • Spot potential problems with copy you've had others write for you.
  • Choose the right copywriter for the job, brief them effectively, then have sufficient knowledge to make rational decisions.
  • Present more compelling offers to joint venture partners, prospects, vendors, programmers, designers and anyone else you approach about business.
  • Perhaps most importantly, it will help you to better analyze offers that are made to you, whether in print or in person.
There are more, but those are the big ones. And they should be enough.

So, what about learning to actually write your own copy?

No one can write for your audience better than you. No copywriter understand your prospects’ wants and needs better than you! No one can convince your audience better than you. And, no one knows your product’s benefits better than you. Thus, writing your own sales copy can be the backbone of your entire business. It makes it easier to…
  • Write more compelling sales materials for more profits.
  • Make more sales with less money and time investment?
  • Position yourself as an expert in your field by writing your own articles
  • Craft effective offers to joint venture partners
  • Recruit affiliates for your new affiliate program you are just starting to sell your products for you.
  • Develop sales-generating follow-up sequences.
  • Creating ecourse series to build relationship with your subscribers and promote your affiliate products or your own products. 
Still wonder if you should learn how to become a copywriter?

If you want to get really good at copywriting and you MUST, you'll need to learn. Copywriting is a learnable skill and one you should practice for yourself. Small doses of progressively more advanced study will make a huge difference in the long run. You can get help by visiting this site

If  I can do it you can too. Just read about Gley Yahya and you will start writing your sales materiel right away :) 

With the new tools at your fingertips like a pro copywriter working for you, you have no excuse! Click the banner below and see what you can do with this incredible tool.


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