How To Write A killer Sales Letter

sales letter

I'm sure you've read many sales letters that grab your attention and have you ready to pull out your credit card

They are actually making you an offer you can't refuse. Don't you wish your sales materials looked like these ones and were that persuasive?

Have you tried writing but the words won't come out or you don't know where to start? 

You are not alone! Most of famous copywriters if don't say all of them never start writing before learning how to become a copywriter, searching, reading sales letters, gathering ideas etc..

the following are the secrets and methods I use every time I sit down to write a sales letter, an ad copy or an email marketing message and letters.The principles revealed inside works the same for your overall sales materiel whether you are selling a house, an accounting service or a 15 pages report.

How To Boost Your Sales With Powerful Sales letter

 sales letter
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If you want to get really good at copywriting and you MUST, you’ll need to learn. Copywriting is a learnable skill and you should practice for yourself in writing sales materials.

First, gather a few sales letters that grab your attention from your own mailbox. Give particular notice to the look, wording, and the way the information is organized. Keep those models in mind as you begin to write.

Small doses of progressively more advanced study will make a huge difference in the long run.

If You Can Type, You Can Create  A Compelling, Impossible-To-Ignore, Benefits Packed Sales Letter!

To be effective, you have to be the customers as you write. It must grab your attention with a compelling promise and then deliver on it.

Organise your sales letters. A sales letters, need an introduction, a body, bullets, closing paragraph and postscript.

Make you sales letter easy to read, write in a conversational style like you are speaking to e friend. Use short sentences, short paragraphs and edit your sales letter as many times as you can.

Build credibility by displaying testimonials on your website,  testimonials and references, identify the problem, provide solution, give a guarantee, show feedbacks

Inject scarcity into your sales letter to create a fear of loss. Tell your reader either the quantity is limited or your offer is valid for only a limited time or something like this

Be honest - your products is not for everyone and it will not solve all the problems or healing all your blog readers' matters. So express that in all your overall sales letters. 

Here are the six main parts of a great sales letter.

1 - Headline

You have to capture your sales letter readers' attention with an eye-catching headline.

This might be a question or statement that will ring a bell with all of your potential clients in one go.

Keep it quite general to appeal to as many people as possible. A good headline catches your prospects attention and leads them to your entry paragraph.

There, you start to build their interest and ensure they read your whole sales letters.

  • Promise benefits in your headline - Your headline has a HUGE impact on your sales letters. It's often the first thing visitors to your blog see.
Use killer intrigue, curiosity, or interest words like “it’s a shame, just revealed, breakthrough, free, unique, innovative, amazing, simple, easy…” And make it stand out with a bigger font and different color.

  • Your headline is what makes difference between a poor sales letter and a good one! - This is also where most marketers get super lazy.

When writing a headline, try to write as many headlines as you can until you find the winner ones.

You don't just write ONE headline and then move on. You must write dozens of headlines in order to come up with a winner ones.

This is where having a swipe file of other proven to work headlines really helps.

  • Scream out your most powerful benefit - What you want to remember is that a great headline should scream out your most powerful benefit. 

Believe it or not, nobody actually cares that you worked really hard on your sales letter. 

They only care about what your product can do for them. Remember, your visitors are there looking for solutions to an issue. So, show them that you can help them out in obvious language.
Here's an example of a bad headline:

"Download My New eBook That Will Show You How To Start a Profitable Business Online In 2 Weeks!"

Here's an example of a good headline promoting the same ebook mentioned above:

"Amazing Ebook - Reveals How You Can Create a Profitable Online Business And Start Making Money In Six weeks Or Less granted!"


It’s not about HOW to write a headline; it’s all about what to say to entice your readers to take action. 

If you say the wrong thing in a good manner will not help you too much. Instead, it will turn your readers away from you.

But, if you spell your product benefits, how it can help your reader, save time, make money or both, even imperfectly, will help you much better.

You don't need to show your talent in writing “sexy” headlines. This is not good. 

This is a waste of time. Put your ego aside and spend your time on deciding WHAT to say to your sales letter's readers.

How do you know what to say? Don't focus your mind on the product or service features; instead focus on your product benefits, your potential customer desires and wants.

What could you say that would quickly and deeply attract your sales letter's reader attention, engage, interest and excite your audience? What would make them do what you want them to do?

Once you know that, then you're just one step from a great headline.

2 - The Entry Paragraph

  • Give the consumer a reason to read the sales letter by getting their attention within the first sentence - maybe a slogan, a catchy phrase or an appealing offer. 

This may be written as a question, a quote or an interesting fact (with relevance).

  • Start to build your audience’s interest and ensure they read your whole sales letter. 

Explain to your potential clients why they need your product. You need to get into your prospects' minds and find out what makes them tick. 

It's your job to identify the reasons different people want what you're offering.

  • Show them how your product will benefit them in making their lives better, safer or easier. 

How will it save them time, trouble, worry or money? Look at their ultimate goal and relate it to that. Why should they buy your product? So, any information you put on your page is crucial.

3 - The Sales Letter Body

Your Sales Letter Body must details your product or service. It's the way for your your sales letters reader to more information about your product. 

In the body you should increase your readers' engagement and with your sales letter and further interest in your product or service. 

Increase your sales letters readers' curiosity to lead them to take action right away. 

In the body of your sales letters answer the reader's question, What's in it for me? 

People are bombarded day after day with all kind of commercial materials all trying to sell something. Excel all of them by offering benefits instead of selling.

Keep in mind, people don't buy products or services, they buy the benefits derived from their purchases.

Continue building emotion, right up to the very end.  A great sales letter should continue to build emotion even after your call to action.  

Use the risk of loss strategy. Make it clear to them exactly what would happen if they didn’t take advantage of your offer.

Ask your readers to take action. sales letters readers don't know what you want them to do unless you tell them what to do next.

If you want them to click a buy now bottom, call you or visit your blog  say that in your sales letter and provide the right way to take action.

Ex: Click the buy now button at the end of this page. Give your phone number if you want them to call you. 

Urge your readers to take action right now. The longer it takes them to respond, the less chance they will act. If you're buying a product offer gifts for a limited time. State the quantity available to generate urgency.

4 - Bullets

  • Use bullets to make it easy for your prospects to read your sales letter. The basic rule that you want to remember about creating the sales letter bullets is that they must be BLIND, In other words the bullet must NOT reveal the entire secrets. Make your bullets create a want to read more.
  • Bullets are a powerful persuader in sales letters. It has been shown that readers like to read bulleted lists. 

Readers like tips presented in a short succinct manner, so that they are easy to follow.
  • Bullets arouse the curiosity of your visitor, so use them to stress the benefits of your products or services and spell out exactly what's included in your offer. 

Make your bullets like mini headings. Use them to narrate the benefits of your product in a step-by-step way without revealing the entire secrets.

5 - Closing Paragraph

sales letters
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  • Write a short paragraph where you give your prospects confidence in you.
For example, show your expertise in your chosen field. Prove to them what you are claiming is true. 

Use videos to demonstrate your product's benefits in a very engaging manner and armed with testimonials from happy customers, quotes from established third parties such as industry leaders or reputable specialists.
  • Call to action -Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do, such as a clear call to action to get your visitors to buy. 

Make it meaningful to respond immediately. Set a deadline to avoid customer temporization.

Example: buy before July 30 and get these quality bonuses worth $1097,00 master resale rights included for FREE!

6 - Postscript (P.S.) Is Your Friend!

Case studies indicate that the typical letter recipient's eye moves down the page to the P.S. before they read everything in the letter! Try to restate your proposition in the P.S.

Sales letters writing is is not hard as you think. You don't need high qualification or degree to start writing your sales materials. You need just to learn and practice and be creative in it.

P.s. Don't forget to read and read your sales letter and check it for grammar and errors typos. Use this incredible. It's like a pro copywriter working for you for FREE. Click the banner to check it out.

sales letter

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