How I Started Making Money Online

How to make money on line

Several years ago, early in 1999 I have started touching the online world from a friend’s CyberSpace.

At this time I have no Internet connection and no PC. I remember when I first started clicking ads for a penny.

It doesn't took me long time to realize that clicking ads will lead me to nowhere.

As I'm searching online, I came across various online business types, I examine each and every every one of them as well as made the decision. I am going to make it happen, regardless of what will takes.

I got into online business, I expended thousands of hours, hundreds of days and weeks to acquire more information about how precisely that issue operates.

At that time I had a off-line work. I spent all my free time studying and learning about affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, keywords research, forums marketing, online advertising, traffic building, website design, planning, email marketing, MLM, how to create a newsletter, how to use autoresponders, how write online, email list building, etc....

In short I have studied almost everything related to how to make money online.

I lost a lot of time in promoting programs without avantage. The owners of most programs are promoting only dreams.

They promise large profit in a short time without trouble and no effort in your part. I believed these programs will make me rich in no time frame. Really, I was stupid.

I don't regret it. Clicking ads, promoting scams, etc... led me to other things more important that snowballed into a success story.

It was a bad experience in time investment. But, also it was a good starting point to learn, and understand that there's money to be made online.

That's what made me more curious and more persistent to discover this new world of online business and find out how to make money online.

Affiliate marketing

How I discovered The Real...Affiliate Marketing

Making long history short...

During this period of time I learned how to differentiate between what is fantasy and what is realistic. I learned the ABCs of the game.

I have no website. I started promoting quality affiliate programs such as and Clickbank in forums related to online money making.

After all it was the only way available to me to dive in the online business.... After about 3 years or so of hard work I made my first check....

It was $34.35 check and I was quite happy. Why? Because I have seen that making money online is a reality. I have made my first check using free ways no penny out of my pocket.

affiliate marketing

Many of you may don't believe what they are reading. Believe it or not, it is the pure reality!

You can in fact build an Internet business and start making money even if you don’t have a computer and Internet connection. What you need is willingness to succeed and to learn!

Few days after receiving my check I picked up a computer and got an Internet connection and started marketing seriously.

I've created my website got a domain name, hosting account and free autoresponder account.

After 2 months or so of marketing online my income covered my expenses; and after about four months from getting my first check I made my first $1000! How I did it? This is what I’m going to share with you in “How I Started Making Money Online” articles series.

So, let’s go back and start from the beginning, even before creating my first website. I'm going to share with you everything I learned and tried myself over the years working online, and how I started making money online.

I had no idea about computer, Internet or anything related as I said it here.

When I was trying to find out how people make money online I came across Sitesell. I remember very well it was from Allan Gardyne

I subscribed to affiliate program to get access to their FREE stuff (free ebooks, videos, articles, forum, ecourses, etc...) and started receiving the Affiliate Masters Course by email (Now it’s available as an ebook you can dowload it here) as Allan Gardyne suggested.

I was lucky to find site sell. From there I learned everything for FREE! It's not often that killer-info becomes available without having to empty your wallet for it.

Anyway, I followed the step by step instructions provided by Site Build It! Action Guide to create my home business.

I had an idea about nearly everything; but what I lack is an action plan that takes me trough the process. Really I was lost! I didn't know from where I have to start, how to proceed, where to end, etc….

I followed the 10 days ecourses to create my first website using FrontPage. You may understand why I have used FrontPage and not SBI!? If no… I had no money to invest!

Otherwise I didn’t spend more than 6 months to come up with an ugly website. Hey, it’s an ugly website for sure, but using SBI! Action Guide principles makes it doing pretty well!

When reading SBI! Action Guide and Affiliate Masters Course the idea for my business was born. It is teaching webmasters about something that I love and have expertise on it which is "Email list Building”.

The idea became clear and the subject had potential. There's no better way to build a flourishing, profitable small business on the Net.

It wasn’t easy…. But I would say Ken Evoy and his Sitesell have given me the information I ever wanted to create my home business. Without them, I would have been doing all kinds of "stupid" work to make some extra money to help my family financially.

What I can say is thank you Dr. Ken Evoy you made my life easier and better.

What I started doing is writing about email marketing, relationship marketing, list building, and related subjects; adding more and more content to my website.

I present articles to help people make money online and promoting quality products with recurring commission as an affiliate such as Sitesell products, Aweber autoresponder, Amazon, Clickbank, etc…

Now I’m making good bucks from these sites every month for a work I did one time and my checks increase month after month.

This why 2 tiers affiliate programs is a must for everyone wants to make good money from affiliate programs.

Now, I suppose you are convinced that making money online is a do able. If I do it you can do it too! You have no excuse for not starting a home business.

If you want to save money, shorten your learning curve and avoid big mistakes I made to start your home business read the complete articles series. See you soon.

Please refer to Are You Making The Same Mistake article to read the big mistake I have made and how to avoid it.


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  2. Hi Gley,

    I relate a lot to your journey to making money online. I admit you were more like a pioneer since you started much earlier than I did.

    I learned about SiteBuildIt! by Allan Gardyne, too. This guy has been a very successful affiliate of SiteBuildIt! I read Ken Evoy’s books on "How To Write Content that Pre-Sells. Great books".

    I have enjoyed reading your articles being a young entrepreneur myself.

    GLEY, on another note, did you have the chance to read the article I wrote for your site?
    I sent it to you a few days ago at gley.yahya<@>gmailcom.


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