Make Your Dollar Stretch By Buying Wholesale

By purchasing merchandise at wholesale prices, you can make money off of ebay. You will normally purchase items in bulk at low prices, then mark them up and sell them one piece at a time. There is no limit as to what you can buy at wholesale! Apparel, electronics, toys, home decor, books, DVD's and much more can be acquired at low prices. At the end of this article, you'll find a list of wholesalers organized by category.

Some wholesalers may require an EIN/TIN (Employee ID Number/Tax ID Number) before you can buy from them. It's easy to obtain one of these numbers, and you can do it instantly by visiting,,id=102767,00.html

Some wholesalers have minimum buying requirements, others do not. To get started, browse through the list at the end of this article. You will find that you can buy wholesale lists, even on Ebay and make your dollar stretch by buying wholesale! I've purchased some of these lists myself and found that many of them contain broken links or links to sites that are no longer available. What a waste of money! You won't find that on the list at the end of this article - all wholesale links have been checked to make sure they actually lead to real wholesalers!

If you can't find all the wholesalers you need on the list here or you want to research some on your own, it's easy to find them. Just go to a good search engine (I recommend Google) and type in a search like 'wholesale,' 'wholesalers', 'wholesale apparel' or whatever type of product you're looking for to make your dollar stretch by buying wholesale. You'll find lots of options, from great wholesalers to questionable ones!

Another way to buy cheap merchandise is to buy it from another country. This is called importing and it can help you buy the merchandise you need dirt-cheap!

To find some great exporting companies, check out the following sites:
Ten More Places to Find Bargain Priced Merchandise to Sell

There are more places besides wholesalers where you can find bargain priced merchandise to make your dollar stretch by buying wholesale:

1. Flea Markets

Flea markets are great places to find cheap merchandise. Depending on where you live, you can find one or more great flea markets during the warmer months. Check your local paper for advertisements for local flea markets or look in the Yellow Pages.

2. Yard Sales

Another great place to find cheap merchandise is at yard sales. Most yard sales also take place in the warmer months. The key for finding great stuff at yard sales is to go early before everyone else does. That might mean getting up at six A.M., but it's totally worth it! Look for collectible merchandise, clothing and books that look new, and children's toys that are in good condition.

3. Estate Sales

Estate sales are also good for obtaining great stuff for a low price. Most of the time, estate sales are advertised in the newspaper classifieds. You can find all sorts of things at estate sales, from electronics to vintage jewelry, antiques and so much more!

4. Pennysaver Papers

Are you looking for a particular type of merchandise to make your dollar stretch by buying wholesale? Pennysaver papers are great for placing ads. These papers are usually sold wherever newspapers are and allow people to place free ads. Not only can you place 'items wanted' ads, you can browse the ads for the things you're looking for.

5. Craigslist

At you can find all kinds of things to buy and resell. You can also place items wanted ads here as well, and the best part is, it's free! This website gets lots of visitors so your ad is sure to get lots of exposure.

6. UBid

At, you can buy and sell items just like on Ebay. The difference is, this is a much smaller site with a lot less visitors. That means you'll have less competition when it comes to bidding. Often, you can buy an item for a low price at a site like UBid then turn around and sell it on Ebay for more than you paid for it!

7. Overstock

Another great site for cheap merchandise is . Not only do they have an online store, they also offer an auction site.

8. Amazon is another place to find merchandise for sale. You can find books, movies, electronics, apparel, cosmetics, housewares and much more. Some of the items are new, and some are used. If you search carefully, you can really dig up some great deals!

9. Discount Stores

Discount stores can be decent places to find cheap merchandise to sell also. Examples of stores that feature great prices on name brand merchandise include Kohl's, Marshall's and TJMaxx. It's probable that you have one of these stores in your area. Also check your local Dollar Store. Once, I bought sunless tanner for $1 per bottle and sold it on Ebay for over $5 per bottle. Sometimes you can find great deals, other times not. You just have to be vigilant with your shopping!

10. Annual Sales

There are other stores like JCPenney, Victoria's Secret, Bloomingdales, etc. that have annual or semi-annual clearance sales. This is a great time to stock up! Grab as much discount merchandise as you can, then turn around and sell it later in the year after the sales are over. November is always a great time because people are looking for gifts!

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