How to Increase Online Traffic With Video Sharing Websites

The most recent medium of getting home business traffic is viral videos. Websites are flooding the Internet with home videos and clips produced by everyone from home business owners to established companies to get the most profits from this free opportunity. So, what advantage you can get from using video sharing websites?

There are two major advantages of using free video sharing websites…

1 – Free hosting - There is no need to host the videos on your own website if you don’t want to. This means you can upload your own video or your affiliate video and start making money.

2 – Increase online traffic - Your video will receive free promotion. People can find your video on the video sharing websites. Also, if you have a quality video about an interesting subject it may shows in a featured videos’ section and get steady of online traffic for month to come.

This will over flow your website with targeted traffic and/or increase your sales for no advertisement costs.

Are Video Sharing Websites a Good Marketing Method?

Google bought the giant video-sharing site YouTube for a whopping $1.65 billion in October 2006. This is a clear indication of the growing popularity, reputation and power of videos. With YouTube's traffic quadrupling in the first half of this year, all kind of businesses are flocking to YouTube and social networking to increase online traffic and revenues to their home businesses.

What Are Online Video Sharing Websites?

Online video websites are websites that host a wide collection of different videos. They allow Internet users to view videos or make and upload their own. In most cases, this is done for free. Many of these videos are considered homemade because they are made by people just like you and me.

Current savvy home business owners are using videos as effective marketing tools. There is no reason why you cannot implement this as one of your based business generation home internet traffic strategy. To so...

Here is a step-by-step procedure for using video sharing websites to increase online traffic and creating or finding quality videos content to promote for free!

1 - Familiarize Yourself With Video Websites Rules.

Whether you already have a video idea in your head or not, and you want to profit from this handy opportunity, it is advised that you familiarize yourself with the rules of each online video website you want to use, especially before you start making your video. You can visit YouTube Privacy Notice and Terms of Use . Also take a look at Google Privacy Center.

If you are really concerned, you can easily learn more by visiting Google Video Support and YouTube to learn more . There you will find information on how to make and upload your own homemade video and much more.

If you want to use other video sharing websites you should easily be able to find links to a number of them, by performing a standard internet search. Somewhere on the webpage of the online video website you are visiting, you should be able to find rules and terms of use agreement posted.

Many times, the video content that is prohibited will be listed in the terms of use. Some online video websites will have content restrictions, but not all do. Those restrictions may include the use of pornographic material, racism or the use of threats.

When making your video, it is also important to note that some video websites including YouTube has a number of limitations. Those limitations include the length of your video and the size of your video’s file. YouTube currently requires that your video be no more than ten minutes in length. It is also required that your videos be less than 100MB, in size.

However, aside from their other rules, stipulated in their terms of use agreement, there are no other restrictions. This means that you can create as many videos as you want to. In fact, if you would like to make a video that is longer than ten minutes, you can do so by making it a two part video.

2 - Create Your Account(s).

To upload your video to YouTube, Google video and/or Yahoo! Video, you must first sign up to be a member, if you haven’t already. It is free to sign up for a membership. The sign up process is just used to attach your information to your videos and keep track of all of them, especially if you decide to upload more than one.

Once you sign up for YouTube, Google video and/or Yahoo Video, you should see an option that will allow you to create or upload your own videos. You will need to follow those directions. Depending on the type of internet connection your have, your videos could be uploaded and ready for viewing in as little as a few minutes.

3 - Find Your Video Idea.

A good small home business idea or a good video idea is your ticket to success. Start by thinking about your video ideas. Yes. That is what you will need to do. Unfortunately, too many individuals read too much into making online videos. This does not necessarily involve their video content, but how the video will be made and uploaded to the system.

If you are planning on making a video for YouTube, Google video and/or Yahoo! Video, you can relax and worry about other things. This is because the uploading processes, used by these services are probably the easiest ones that you will find online.

Learn how to create a viral video. The best way to increase on-line traffic is to create or find a quality viral video. If you have an affiliate program or plan to get one, just allowing your affiliates the opportunity to rebrand/personalize your video with their own names & links will give an opportunity to get your name out there, spread the world, and increase online traffic and sales. Follow this link to see a great example.

Also you can offer videos that appeal to your audiences as additional content of your website. Visitors are likely to come back to your site if you offer videos related to their interests that cannot be found anywhere else. Better yet, make the visitors feel more valued and important by letting them share their own videos about your topic.

Here are some different approaches and examples you can use to build your business with videos.
  • Do you create a product? Create a video to show your customers and potential customers the production creation process. Emphasize your product quality, safety, uniqueness, etc…
Provide them an opportunity to see how the product works to understand the functions or the use of the product, help them know what they can do with the products, and give a better sense of the size and shape of the product.
  • Do you sell products? Create a video testimonial. Third party testimonials are powerful! Third party endorsements are very effective. In many cases, testimonials will increase on-line traffic and at the same time your sales figures.
  • Are you a baker? Take your potential clients and clients to your kitchen, to see how you make your bread.
  • Do you own a restaurant? Film your restaurant, food, parties, ambiance or whatever you want to give your customers a better perspective of your establishment.
  • Brand yourself - Create a video to brand your self, your website or your product. Show your targeted market that you are different. The more people believe in your brand, the more it will spread throughout your targeted market without your pushing. For home businesses, branding is not about polished advertisements. Home-business branding is about getting your audience to see you as the favored option. Building a brand is not only about what you do; it's about what you do differently from your competitors.
  • Are you an AdSense publisher or an affiliate? Create a video information - If you are using your website to make money through online advertisements, such as Google Adsense or affiliate programs, it is likely that your website is content driven. This means that you may have a collection of articles on your website, often focused on a particular topic. It may be a good idea to create a video proving information and even interactive displays on the topic that your website covers, whether that topic is women’s health issues, owing a pet, or any thing else.
There are some good affiliate programs that provide brandable quality videos to help their affiliates to make more money. You need just to subscribe to their affiliate program and start promoting your videos.

How to Make Your Video a Success!
  • Create and/or find good affiliate video content and upload it to Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo! Video, etc… you can increase online traffic and never worry again about it.
Quality video content can be featured and usually stay in the videos featured area for around a week, and receive hundreds of thousands views over the coming days and weeks. Your exposure doesn't stop there. By creating profile pages and including a link to your blog or website in it, you can transfer your increased exposure on video sharing websites to increased traffic to your website, your blog, your MySpace profile, or any product you promote.
  • When you create your video it's a good idea to have a detailed description for content you are submitting and a way for people to get more information about it and any content related to it.
  • Provide a link to the website where your video’s viewers can learn more, see the full video or obtain the full-length DVD from. Insert your website or affiliate link at the end of your video, or place a watermark at the bottom, throughout the video.
By giving people a way to access your website from your video, you give them the ability to bookmark your website to their browser and also the social bookmarking sites and share it with their friends. Doing so, you increase online traffic and become someone they can relate with and someone who they want to see more content from.

Warning! Keep in mind that most internet users don’t enjoy watching videos that appear as spam. This means that you will want to promote your online business to the best of your ability, without trying to appear too pushy.

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