Preparation for starting home business

This is our third article in the series "How To Start Work At Home Business On Strong Basis"Here we will discuss how to prepare yourself before starting a home business to increase success, and reduce failure.

Whatever the business to start from home, it is essential that you prepare yourself in advance so that you will be geared up to deal with future problems when they arise. Before starting home business sit down and visual what the end is that you are looking for and then ask yourself questions such as:

  • What do I have that I can use to start my home business?
  • What I am expecting to achieve and why?
  • How much money do I need and how/where do I get it?
  • What services are there that can help me to get started?
  • Do I have a room in my home where I can set up an office?
  • Who is going to support me in a starting home business?

Analyzing your strengths and weaknesses skills and abilities, assets and liabilities will tell you if you are going to reach your goal, have the needed capital to start on your own and really know yourself. Doing so you will be prepared for whatever comes your way and will be better prepared for business success.

Do you Think That Starting a Home Business Is An Easy Task?

You may have heard some people saying that starting a home business is difficult. They're not kidding. They tell the truth! If you heard something else run away and don't look back.

Starting a home business, in many ways, like building a house. The stronger your foundation will be, the longer your home based business will remain safe from unforeseen circumstances. Without a proper foundation, it won't resist and anything you build on it will fall apart in no time. Your foundation strength should much your home business size. The bigger you want to build your home based business, the stronger the foundation you need to build.

Are You Prepared To Fail And Keep Trying?

No matter what other marketers may tell you, chances are that you won't be as successful as you think you will be. A bad surprise may be waiting for you if you don't take precaution. So, do not expect to succeed at first. Expect that you will fail, and work hard to avoid it.

Here are some really scary statistics.

  • There is a 50:50 chance that 5 business owners like you will go bankrupt within the next 12 months.
  • One out of ten people who start a home business will be successful enough to last over 5 years.

As you have seen; the above statistics show that a large percentage of online home businesses fail in their first year, and the bad preparation is the main factor of their failure. With this in mind prepare yourself for a steady stream of failure being slowly replaced by success.

How To Start a Home Business?

So, before starting a home business make sure...
  • You acquire the needed skills to create and run your Internet home based business.
  • Decide your budget - Make sure you have the money to operate your home based business.
  • Expect that you will not to make any money in the first few months as only very few people achieve success immediately. Most often it takes from 3 to 6 months before you start to see a return for your efforts.
  • Believe in yourself and your home business - There is no reason why you can't succeed in your home business. It may take some extra months to see results but success is within reach!
  • Do not give up - If you don't see results and you feel like you can't make it to work, do not give up in despair. Instead stick to it, try again, you are one step away from success. All successful home based businesses spend plenty of time doing badly before they start to pick up.
  • Starting a home business is stressful. It will affect you mentally, physically and emotionally. You need to be strong to deal with this kind of stress. Read Self Improvement, Inspiration & Motivation eBooks and/or have someone to turn to for support.
  • You need to be the kind of person who respond to things when go wrong by working harder and getting them fixed, not someone who cries and goes into hiding.
  • You need to be a “never say die” kind of person. You need to be always ready to try again, no matter what gets thrown at you. Remember that it's not when things start to go wrong that you fail! You haven't failed until you've given up.
  • Be Prepared to Work Hard - Be prepared to work hard and you will find that the opportunities to advance will arise. Be 100% committed and ready to take chances. Learn more than you could possibly imagine about your business and competitors.

Your Business To Start From Home is Nothing Without Work!

I started my own business from a cyber-coffee with no money, no PC, no Internet connection and little knowledge of English. On top of that I had 6 kids a wife, and a pile of bills to pay adding to the degree of difficulties.

Does this sound familiar?

I'm proud to report that. After 4 years of learning, trial and error my business business started producing enough income covering my expenses. And, slowly my profits increased while at the same time my work load became more manageable and enjoyable.

So, don’t let the warnings mentioned above scare you. I told you that to warn you and be prepared for any unwanted situation. If you do that, then there's no reason why you can't succeed just like I did.

Watch this video and see how people like you and I are generating extra income from home.


  1. You offer some really great information. I would stress one more thing. Just start. I know there needs to be a lot of planning but sometimes too much planning can become rationalized procrastination. Then nothing happens.

    It is interesting that the proceeding post mentioned James Brausch. He happens to be someone whose blog I read on a regular basis. One of his posts talked about the rationalization procrastination.

    An example would be: "I can't start yet because my business plan isn't perfect" or "I'm not sure this idea is going to work, we had better wait and look at is some more."

    I don't know if I used the best examples but what I am trying to say is sometimes too much planning can create a reason to procrastinate. Because there is something to hide behind like planning or something else that isn't exactly right yet it becomes rationalized procrastination.

    I think it is a defense mechanism to keep from making a mistake or to keep from failing. Your words on failing were right on the mark. Everyone fails or makes a mistake somewhere along the line.

    Again, you are correct in noting that the way failures or setbacks are handled is really what will determine success or lack thereof.

    Ultimately somewhere along the way, there just has to be that action to jump in the water. You'll never know if you can swim until you jump in.

  2. Anonymous8/22/2008

    Interesting post. I like this, because I'm planning to run a business soon. It's useful stuff. Running my own business has been a dream of mine, and I'm ready to make that a reality. I've become more interested in buying a business, possibly home-based, instead of starting one from scratch. Any suggestions? Advice? Thanks.

  3. Anonymous8/26/2008

    @Katie -- I suggest checking out It's an online global marketplace where you can buy a business, even sell your business. You can also use it to find a lender or broker, should you need either. It's a good place to find a business on the Internet.

    Then there are always local small business groups in your area that are worth checking out as well.

    Good luck!

  4. It can be a very traumatic experience for anyone when beginning a home business. You must have all the necessary details to aspect before you start.
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